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The growing trend in fence design is the horizontal board look. Aluminum slat fence falls right in line with this trend. Combining the horizontal look with maintenance free aluminum makes it a popular choice.

As a result, making it in high demand. However, horizontal slats are not the only available option. Vertical slat configurations are also available. With multiple height choices and color options, there is an aluminum slat fence style for everyone.

Furthermore, they easy to assemble. Only a few basic tools are required for installation. Therefore, making it a popular choice for privacy fence and screening. Did we mention they look gorgeous?

fence with horizontal aluminum slats
Horizontal Aluminum Slat Fence

Aluminum Slat Fence Panels

Panels come unassembled in kits. Most are 6′ wide in length. However, some styles also come in 8′ long panels. The framework of the panel consists of a top and bottom rail.

Some manufacturers also include side channels that mount to the posts. Slats are hollow pieces of extruded aluminum. Therefore, they are rigid and strong while remaining lightweight.

Referred to as infill, slats are available in many widths deepening on the design of the fence,

Aluminum Slat Fence Designs

The position of the slats determines the design of the fence. Horizontal and vertical are both popular options.

Spacers separate the slats on designs with gaps. As a result, giving light and air the ability to pass through the fence. Both the size of the slats and the spacers are customizable. Allowing for a truly custom looking fence.

Solid designs do not have spacers. Each slat butts up to one another. Therefore, creating a solid panel that does not allow light or air to pass through.

Panel Heights

short aluminum slat fencing
Aluminum Slat Fence on Wall

Aluminum slat fence panels come in a variety of heights. Shorter heights are great for header accents on top of walls. Taller heights are perfect for privacy and screening.

Standard heights range from 4′ tall to 8′ tall in height. However, the most common height is 6′ tall. The height of each panel is customized by simply reducing the amount of slats installed.

Posts for Slat Fences

There are two main styles of posts. The first style is a blank square post. Side channels in the shape of a “U” screw to the blank posts in order to accept the slats.

The second style is an extruded post with channels built in. The manufacturer of the fence purchased will determine which type of post is used.

Fences installed in dirt have posts that are concreted into the ground. Surface mounted posts for mounting fence to concrete have welded plates on the bottom.

Large diameter tap-cons anchor the surface mounted posts to concrete. With either method of post installation, meeting the manufactures specifications for distance between the posts is crucial.

Aluminum Slat Fence Colors

This is where shopping for your fence gets fun! Manufactures offer a wide variety of color choices. Solid colors are standard. However, many manufacturers offer wood grain looking colors.

These patterns blend in with surroundings and look very natural. As result, turning your fence into a work of art. Furthermore, there are even colors that resemble rusted steel and concrete.

Choosing a color is a personal choice. One that should reflect person style as well as accent its surroundings. It is very common for two tone fences. Choosing one color for the posts and rails and the other another color for the slats.

This two toned combination results in a beautiful custom looking fence design.

vertical slats in a gate
Gates Made From Vertical Aluminum Slat Fence


Aluminum slat fence is an elegant addition to both residential and commercial properties. Its beautiful design is sure to be the focal point of any landscape.

With multiple height and color options, the applications are endless. Furthermore, aluminum fences require little maintenance and most manufacturers offer limited lifetime warranties. As a result, making one a wise investment for your home or business.

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