Anti Climb Fence for Maximum Security

Anti climb fence is a welded wire system that is nearly impossible to climb due to small spaces in the mesh. Furthermore, its design makes it difficult to cut with hand tools, adding another layer of security.

Another benefit is that it provides a perimeter that retains visibility. Unlike solid walls or fences, it allows for visual checks. In return, eliminating dead zones and hiding spots.

As a result, making it the go to fence solution for high security applications and facilities.

What is Anti Climb Fence?

protective anti climb fence
Fence Line Using Anti Climb Fence Panels

Anti climb fence is a type of welded wire with very tight spacing between each strand of wire. The spacing is so small that it prevents someone from obtaining a handhold or foothold. Therefore, making it unclimbable.

The spacing of the wires also prevent cutting tools from fitting between the strands, such as bolt cutters and wire snips. All of these factors result in a fence that provides a very secure barrier.

Anti Climb Fence Panels

Each section of fence comes in a pre-manufactured panel. The panels use heavy 8 gauge steel wire, welded at the intersections for added strength.

Some manufacturers offer options in regards to the size of the mesh. However, the smaller the mesh size, the harder it is to climb.

A popular product size is 358 mesh. It get’s its name from having 3″ x .5″ hole spacings and 8 gauge wire strands.

Each panel is 8′ wide in length. V-bends within the panel give it strength while at the same time making it more rigid.

Panel heights are available in heights ranging from 4′ tall to 10′ tall. Panels will have galvanized or polyester coatings to protect them from rusting.

Therefore, providing color options. Black, green and bronze are popular color choices.

anti climb fence on a bridge
Bridge with Anti Climb Wire Mesh Fence Panels

What about the Posts?

Steel fence posts support the panels. Depending on the manufacturer, an I-beam or square post is provided.

Concrete footers surround the posts in order to keep the fence upright and plumb. The panels attach to each post with tamper proof hardware.

Therefore, preventing unbolting them. Panels butt up to one another in the center of the post. However, on some models, the panels will overlap slightly.

Anti Climb Fence Uses?

Often found anywhere security is important or when preventing access is crucial. You can find it along roadways and rail road tracks, preventing pedestrians from entering high traffic zones.

Prisons use it to prevent prisoners from escaping. Military facilities use it to prevent people from breaking in. In warehouse settings, it is perfect for dividing sections of leased warehouse space from shared tenants.

Furthermore, in residential settings it provides ultimate security and safety. The applications are endless.

anti climb double gates
Double Gate Using Anti Climb Fence


Anti climb fence is a specialized fencing system. One designed to prevent break-ins and security breaches. Found in both residential and commercial settings, it provides a discouraging barrier to potential criminals and thieves.

As a result, providing an excellent secure perimeter for your home, business or facility.

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