Black Vinyl Fence – The Color You’ve Waited For

Today black vinyl fence is available from many manufacturers. 25 years ago, it wasn’t an option. Even 15 years ago, I would have told you not to buy it.

The manufacturing process of the first black vinyl fence wasn’t perfected. However, today it is. It has the same vinyl fencing advantages and warranties as any other color vinyl fencing.

For too long white vinyl fencing was the only color option. Then came light tans and grays. Now there is every color imaginable, including black!

Problems with Black Vinyl Fences

black lattice fence section

The biggest problem with dark vinyl fencing is that it attracts heat. Extreme heat is the worst enemy of vinyl fencing.

Once vinyl reaches a certain temperature, it breaks down and looses strength. Darker colors attract more heat than lighter colors. In it’s early stages, first generation black pvc fencing would literally get too hot in some climates.

Sagging Fence Panels

When the black vinyl fence materials got too hot, they lost strength. As a result, the sections would sag between posts.

This was a big problem for those customers that invested the extra money for black fence.


Even when the fence didn’t sag, it would distort. Extreme heat would cause black vinyl posts and rails to get wavy or buckle.

Imagine what customers thought years ago when their fence was melting in the sun.

Chalking Issues

Chalking was another problem with black pvc fence. Manufactures did not have the right composition of materials in the early years. As result, the fence would turn gray and produce a gritty texture on the surface.

This is chalking. Think about cheap plastic patio chairs. After a couple years they get gritty and gray. The same was happening to expensive black fencing.

Excessive Color Fading

If your fence was lucky enough not to sag, distort or get chalky, it most certainly faded. Another problem customers weren’t happy to see.

The Solution to Manufacturing Black Vinyl Fencing

Manufacturers didn’t give up. They knew there was a market for black vinyl fence. However, they couldn’t keep selling in inferior product. So back to the lab they went.

They determined that the vinyl material used to produce the fence needed changed. Different materials were used in the composition. As a result, a product with a higher resistance to heat was formed.

Experimenting with pigment manufactures solved the fading problem. Finally it was ready to be manufactured.

Black Vinyl Fence Ideas and Styles

black vinyl post cap

Black vinyl fencing only comes in a few styles. Unfortunately, the demand is too small for manufactures to offer entire product lines in the black color.

As result, only the most popular styles are offered. Post and rail designs and privacy designs are the two most popular styles. Some manufacturers offer a black vinyl railing system.

Black Vinyl Post and Rail

Post and rail fence is very popular for farms and ranches. Black vinyl post and rail fence takes it to another level. Adding an elegant look to a traditional fence.

The dark color blends in well in farmlands. Furthermore, it hides dirt well.

Post and rail fence comes in four designs. A 2 rail system, 3 rail system, 4 rail system and cross buck design. All four designs use the same posts and rail sizes. Making it easy for manufactures to produce.

Black Vinyl Privacy Fence

black vinyl privacy fence with lattice.

Privacy fence is found in backyards in every city. The problem with white vinyl privacy fence is that it doesn’t fit into every surrounding. Especially in wooded lots.

Black vinyl privacy fence looks more natural than a solid white privacy fence. In lots that have mature trees casting shadows, the black fence really blends in well.

Furthermore, sap from trees drips on fences overtime. Then, dirt sticks to the sap. Black pvc fence hide this very well when compared to lighter colored fences.

Most of the black vinyl privacy fences will be solid from top to bottom. However, there are manufactures offering vinyl fences with different designs. Including lattice or picket tops.

This means the privacy fence is solid to a certain height, with a lattice or picket style header making up the remainder of the fence. However, headers and accents will add to the cost of the fence.

Black Vinyl Fencing Cost

Color affects the price of vinyl fencing. Black is no different. Because of the difficulty to produce a reliable product, combined with the liability to offer a limited lifetime warranty, black vinyl fencing is at the upper end of the cost spectrum.

From an installation perspective, the black vinyl fence panels for a privacy fence are only 6′ wide as opposed to 8′ wide for most other vinyl privacy fences.

This shorter span between posts makes for a stronger vinyl fence. However, it also adds more posts per line of fence. In return, adding more labor and concrete.

Don’t let the cost scare you. If a black vinyl fence is what you want. Get it. People choose vinyl fences for the lack of maintenance and for the longevity it provides.

If you are going to have to look at a fence everyday of your life, get the one you want.


Black vinyl fence isn’t for everyone. It looks great in some settings and not so good in others. Cost will be a deciding factor for many.

However, don’t let the fear of previous problems with black vinyl fence scare you into not purchasing one. Today’s technologies and manufacturing practices have come a long way.

Warranties are better than ever and manufactures back them up. Purchase in confidence when buying your new fence!

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