Brown Chain Link Fence

Brown chain link fence is one of the many color options available for vinyl coated chain link fencing. The dark chocolate color blends in well when compared to traditional galvanized chain link. As a result, allowing it to almost disappear in a yard with natural landscapes or wooded lots.

What is Brown Chain Link Fence?

brown chain link
Brown Chain Link Fence

Brown chain link fence gets its color from the vinyl coating. Other popular colors are black vinyl and green vinyl fence. The wire mesh, also called fabric, starts off as individual strands of galvanized wire. Different wire thicknesses, called “gauge” are available depending on the application. Gauge refers to the outside diameter of the wire strands. The smaller the gauge number, the larger the diameter of the wire.

The wires coated in one of three ways. The first if to pull the wire through the brown polymer coating through a process called extrusion. The second used the same method with the addition of an adhesive. This process is called extruded and bonded. The last method of vinyl coating is known as fused and bonded. This is a process similar to power coating where the cold coated is sprayed onto the strands of wire.

The last step is to weave the individual strands together to form the rolls of chain link wire mesh. Known as fabric.

Brown Chain Link Framework and Fittings

Chain link terminal post with fittings
Terminal Posts and Fittings

The chain link fabric isn’t the only option for adding the brown color. The pipe material used for the posts and top rail, along with all of the fence fittings can also be brown vinyl coated.

Known as an all vinyl coated chain link system, this is when the framework and all of the other components are also coated. A fully coated brown chain link fence provides the most concealment when compared to having only the brown chain link fabric on galvanized framework.

Brown Chain Link Fence Advantages

The main advantages to installing a brown chain link fence is its ability to blend in with its surroundings. But looks aren’t the only advantages to vinyl coated chain link.

The vinyl coating helps protect fences from corrosion and rust. While all of the components are galvanized to start with, the addition of the coatings help fences adding an extra layer of protection.

Another advantage to coated chain link fence is for fencing projects located in cites that do not allow galvanized fences, or in homeowners associations that prevent galvanized chain link installations. Many times a vinyl coated chain link fence will be permitted when galvanized fencing projects aren’t.

For those customers that combine wood fencing with chain link fence, brown chain link fences compliment wood fences well where the transition between the two materials take place.

brown chain link fence
Brown Vinyl Coated Chain Link

Does Brown Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence Cost More?

Yes. You can expect to pay a higher price for brown chain link fence. However, all vinyl coated chain link fences cost more than galvanized fences. Sometimes, green and black chain link will cost less than brown.

Some manufactures consider brown chain link a special order option. Increasing the price slightly more than other colors. Not to mention, possible longer lead times for material.

What about Gates?

It does no good to have a brown chain link fence if the gates don’t match. Luckily this isn’t a problem. Your contractor should have no problem providing matching gates.

single man gate
Single Gate

Where is Brown Chain Link Found?

Many homeowners choose to install brown chain link in their yard. However, brown chain link fence is often installed in commercial applications. Daycares, swimming pools and even large factories or businesses are places where brown vinyl coated chain link can be found.

Really, anywhere you’d want a chain link fence to blend in or be less obtrusive than a galvanized fence is perfect for vinyl coated chain link. Residential or commercial installation does not matter.

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