chain link fence top rail

The top rail on a chain link fence provides extra bracing for the terminal posts. As a result, allowing the wire fabric to be stretched tightly. Furthermore, top rail helps to support the weight of the chain link fabric when it does not make contact with the ground. Providing a horizontal framework support, the fabric

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Chain Link Fence Top Rail
chain link parts

Chain link fence parts are the components used to connect the posts, rails and wire mesh together. They are also referred to as “fittings” or “hardware”. There are many types of chain link fittings. Furthermore, most fittings are manufactured using different materials in order to add to or reduce strength. This is referred to as

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Chain Link Fence Parts
brown chain link

Brown chain link fence is one of the many color options available for vinyl coated chain link fencing. The dark chocolate color blends in well when compared to traditional galvanized chain link. As a result, allowing it to almost disappear in a yard with natural landscapes or wooded lots. What is Brown Chain Link Fence?

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Brown Chain Link Fence