13 Best Chain Link Fence Gate Latches

Every chain link fence with gates will also include chain link fence gate latches of some sort. In order to hold the gate in the closed position, it must be secured to a latch post or in the case of a double gate, another gate frame.

As a result, a latch is required. Just like hinge options for chain link fence, there are many options for chain link fence gate latches. In this article, we’ll take a look at the most commonly installed types of latches.

chain link fence gate latches

Determining What Type of Gate Latch You Need

Choosing the correct type of chain link fence gate latches for your fence can be confusing. However, your search can be narrowed down by first determining what type of gate you have.

Gates for chain link fencing fall into three main categories. Single gates, double gates and rolling or sliding gates. Each type requires a different type of latch.

Below we’ll go over the most popular styles for each type.

Chain Link Fence Gate Latches for Single Gates

When purchasing chain link fence gate latches for a single gate, it important to know two specific measurements. The first is the diameter of the upright on the gate frame. The second is the diameter of the latch post.

For most residential gates, the frame will measure 1-3/8″ 0r 1-5/8″ in diameter. Gates used for commercial chain link fencing with have frames measuring 1-5/8″ or 1-7/8″ in diameter.

The latch posts can range between 1-7/8″, 2-3/8″, 2-7/8″ or 4″ in diameter.

Fork Latch

A fork latch is the most common type of chain link fence gate latches found on residential chain link fencing. A “U” or “Y” shaped fork attaches to the gate and pivots upward allowing it to swing freely past the latch post. The yoke of the fork latch surrounds the post when in the closed position.

A hole in the latch aligns with a hole in the collars that attaches the latch to the gate. Allowing for the addition of a padlock.

Butterfly Latch

A butterfly latch is a type has two pressed steel levers that resemble the wings of a butterfly. Curved ends on the levers allow them to lift up when pressed against the latch post. Therefore, allowing it to latch on its own when spring loaded.

Strongarm Latch

Strong-arm latches are heavy duty fulcrum style chain link fence gate latches. Made from thick plate steel, it much stronger than a standard fork latch. As a result, providing much much security.

Usually used on commercial chain link swing gates. Strong arm latches also include a hole to allow for locking device such as a pad lock or combination lock.

Auto Latch

Auto latches are another type of chain link fence gate latches designed to automatically latch. Commonly found on chain link pool gates, when under spring tension, an auto latch will lock shut once someone passes through.

The vertical plunger rod that allows it to open mounts high above the height of the fence. Meeting most pool codes. It is also a safe latch for pet owners.

Dog Kennel Latch

A dog kennel latch is a very specific type that only fits both 1-3/8″ diameter gate frames but also 1-3/8″ diameter latch posts. The most common size that dog kennel panels are constructed from.

A simple lever design securely latches a gate in the closed position preventing dogs from escaping.

Locinox Latch

Locinox is a leader in gate latching technology and design. The chain link version of the Locinox requires the latch body to mount on the inside of the gate frame. A plunger style strike and deadbolt go through the frame. On the latch post side, a special receiver and gate stop mount to the post.

Locinox latches provide only one way operation. However, the keyed deadbolt feature makes it desirable when security is a requirement.

Magna Latch for Chain Link Fence

A magna latch is one of the most popular style of safety pool latches on the market. A top pull design is extremely safe, preventing small children from operating a gate. The chain link version offers a kit with round spacers designed to accommodate most frames and post sizes.

Magna latch style chain link fence gate latches are extremely effective when paired with tru-close self closing hinges. Meeting most nation swimming pool codes.

Chain Link Gate Latches for Double Gates

Double chain link fence gate latches are different than single latches in the way they do not have a post to secure to. Latches for double gates must attach to one gate leaf and latch to the opposing leaf.

While there are many types of double latches for chain link fencing on the market, we will cover the three most popular styles.

Drop Fork Latch

A drop fork is a type of drop rod with a fork latch attached to the top of it. When the two gate leafs come together, the fork twists into place, then the rod is pushed downward.

A special guide locks the fork into place, preventing it from spinning and allowing the gates to move. A hole in the drop fork sticks out below the guide to accommodate a pad lock.

Double Gate Strongarm

A double strong-arm latch is built just like the single version. However, instead of having a wider yoke fit around a gate post, a smaller receiver bolts to the opposing gate leaf and receives the arms of the latch.

Just like the single, a double strongarm latch is heavy duty and designed for commercial grade fencing and gates.

Cargo Latch or Positive Chain link Gate Latch

Cargo chain link fence gate latches or positive chain link fence gate latches are two piece latches. One piece has a long arm with multiple holes drilled into it for accommodating locks. The other side is the receiver, which has a slot manufactured into it to receive the long arm.

When locked, the cargo latch or positive latch is very secure. It also prevents the need for a drop rod.

Rolling, Sliding and Cantilever Chain Link Gate Latches

Rolling and cantilever chain link fence gate latches are different from swing gate latches due to the horizontal movement of the gates. Many styles of rolling and sliding latches are designed the prevent gates from rolling past the latch post.

While some of these latches do include holes for padlocks, a good old fashion chain in many cases, is still the best solution for locking rolling and sliding gates.

Slide Gate Receiver

A slide gate receiver is a large yoke style latch that attaches to the latching post.

Some manufactures offer a piece that attaches to the gate upright. When closed, holes in the two pieces line together allowing for a lock.

Rolling Gate Latch

A rolling gate latch is much like a slide gate receiver.

However, a pivoting piece of metal wraps around the gate upright when in the closed or shut position.

Rollo Latch

Unlike the other two rolling and sliding latches, a rollo latch does not prevent the gate from rolling past the closed positing.

The male part installs onto the gate upright and slides freely up and down. The female part of bolts to the post. When closing the gate, the pin on the gate side fits into the hole on the post side. A hole in the pin allows for a locking device.

Visit our article on chain link fence gate hinges to learn about the different types of hinges for your gate.

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