Chain Link Fence Slats – For Privacy and Color

Installing chain link fence slats provides instant privacy and at the same time adds color. With many different options to choose from, fence slats allow for customizing your chain link fence.

Material choices, heights, widths and colors allow the customer to create the appearance they desire.

Unlike wood fences, chain link slats require no additional maintenance once installed.

privacy chain link fence slats
75% Coverage Slats in Gate

Can you add slats to a chain link fence?

Yes! Chain link fence slats can be added to fences at anytime. Installation is not required at the same time the fence is installed.

They easily insert into existing fence. Installing them isn’t hard, but it can be time consuming depending on the type of fence slat.

Many times the slat matches the color of the chain link fence. However, different colored slats have the ability to create custom patterns.

What are the Different Types of Slats for Chain Link

Chain link fence slats come in a variety of types. Some are installed vertically and some are installed diagonally.

Some only offer 75% coverage and some turn chain link fences into solid privacy fences. With special inserts offering almost 95% coverage.

There are even privacy fence slats designed to resemble the appearance of a hedge row.

Vinyl Chain Link Fence Slats

Vinyl privacy slats are the most common type of inserts for chain link fences. They have many advantages over other types.

Available in many colors, vinyl fence slats require no upkeep and have long warranties. Furthermore, they are durable and resistant to the sun. As a result, preventing fading.

Vinyl chain link fence slats come in a variety of styles. Below we’ll cover the most popular styles. Explaining the difference between each type of fence slat.

Top Lock Vinyl Privacy Fence Slats

vinyl privacy chain link fence slats
Top Locking Slats

Vinyl top lock slats install vertically into the diamond mesh of chain link fence fabric. It takes two to fill a single fence diamond.

In order to prevent movement, a horizontal vinyl strip is inserted through a hole at the upper portion of each slat. This strip locks each slat into place.

A top lock slat provide approximately 75% coverage.

Bottom Lock Vinyl Privacy Fence Slats

Bottom lock privacy slats are installed just like a top locking slat. However, a vinyl strip is inserted horizontally at the base of the chain link fence mesh before the inserts are installed.

The bottom of each slat has a small slit that snaps into place once installed into the bottom locking strip. This prevents movement of the slat.

A bottom lock privacy slat provide approximately 75% coverage.

Winged Vinyl Slats for chain link fence

Winged fence slats get installed like a top or bottom locking slat depending on manufacturer. However, they have extra tabs on each side of the slat. These “wings” fill in the spaces between the diamonds.

A winged slat is harder to install. Although if privacy is your main concern, they offer the most.

The extra material of a winged slat provides 90% coverage.

Feather Edge Slats for chain link fence

feather edge slats
Feather Edge Privacy Slats

Vinyl feather edge privacy fence slats are very similar to winged. However, instead of a top locking strip, the wings are cut, resembling a feather.

These extra cuts help grip the fence tightly. Therefore, no locking strip is required. Like winged inserts, installation is more difficult.

A feather edge slat provide 90% coverage.

Aluminum Chain link fence slats

Aluminum privacy slats for chain link fence come in rolls or strips. They install diagaonally. One strip fills the entire space of the diamond mesh.

Aluminum privacy inserts have been around forever. Chances are you’ve seen them installed. The diagonal strips produce creative patterns when combining colors.

An aluminum slat provides 90% coverage

Wooden Chain Link Privacy Slats

wooden privacy slats in chain link fence
Wooden Privacy Slats

Wooden slats are installed diagonally like an aluminum fence slat. The durability of wood cannot compare to aluminum or vinyl.

However, a wood slat provides a unique look that cannot be duplicated by aluminum or vinyl. Offering a softer look that blends better with wooded areas and landscapes.

A wood slat provide 95% coverage

Hedge Row Privacy Slats

There are manufacturers making chain link fence slat inserts that resemble a hedge row. As a result, creating a more natural looking way to gain privacy.

They are weather resistant while still allowing air to pass and easily clean with water.

The hedge row slat really creates a unique appearance that other privacy inserts can’t.

Hedge row slats provide 90% plus coverage.


Chain link fence slats are a great way to gain privacy. Easy to install, homeowners save money on labor by tackling the chore themselves.

It doesn’t matter if you have an existing fence or brand new fence. Chain link fence slats can be installed at anytime.

Create a custom looking fence while adding privacy and color with chain link fence slats.

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