Chain Link Fence Guide

Everything you need to know about chain link fencing. Learn about fence heights, grade differences, color options, gates and installation methods.

Learn About Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing has been around for over 100 years. And for good reason. Its simple design has proven to be affordable and effective. The versatility of chain link fence allows for many applications. Residential uses range from simple backyard fences used to contain children, pets and pools. Chain link fencing is also used in both commercial and industrial applications. From small fence enclosures surrounding gas wells and dumpsters to full perimeter security fences. 

We cover all the options in our Chain Link Fence Guide. Height, grade, framework, mesh size and color options are all available. There are even options when it comes to chain link fence installation. The articles and blog posts below cover many of the uses for chain link fencing. From construction fencing, pool fence, dog fences and security fence. We've got you covered. We even have a section explaining the different types of chain link fence gates.

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