Green Chain Link Fence – Affordable Beauty

Green chain link fence allows for a more inviting looking chain link fence without sacrificing strength and security. The green vinyl coating blends well in both residential and commercial applications. As a result, making it a popular color choice for homeowners and business owners alike.

green fencing

What is Green Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence?

In order to add color to a chain link fence and its components, a pvc coating is applied. This coating not only helps to protect the fence, but it also allows for the green color. Black chain link and Brown chain link are also popular colors. There are two options for adding the green material to a chain link fence.

The first is green chain link mesh on galvanized framework. The second is an all vinyl coated chain link system.

green residential fence

Vinyl Coated Mesh on Galvanized Framework

Sometimes only the wire mesh, know as fabric, is vinyl coated on chain link fencing. This means that the rest of the materials that make up the framework, such as the posts, rails and fence fittings are galvanized. With this option, only the chain link mesh fence will have the green pvc coating. The rest of the fence will have the silver color associated with galvanized chain link fence.

All Vinyl Coated Green Chain Link Fence

An all vinyl coated chain link fence is when every component of the fence has the green pvc coating. This includes the wire mesh, framework, fittings and gates. While all of the components are still galvanized, the pvc coating covers all materials. As result allowing the chain link fencing to have amore natural look and feel.

What are the Advantages of Green Chain Link Fence?

Adding a pvc coating to a chain link fence has multiple advantages. Aside from looking better than a galvanized fence, there are also other advantages.

The coating helps weather proof the fence. Therefore helping prevent your fencing rusting. It also adds to corrosion resistance. This can be important when having a chain link fence installed in coastal regions.

A green chain link fence will not corrode like a galvanized chain link fence. Providing years of maintenance free beauty.

Does Green Chain Link Fence Cost More?

Yes. Choosing a vinyl coated option does increase the price of the fence. However, chain link fence still remains one of the most affordable types of fences available. When choosing the option of adding the green chain link mesh fence to with the galvanized frame, the increase in cost is minimal. Usually only $1 – $2 more per foot.

Choosing an all green vinyl chain link fence costs more. Adding a complete vinyl coated fencing system can add $5 – $7 per foot to the price of the fence. However, well worth the investment in my opinion. The green color fencing blends better with the yard or property.

green fence

Residential and Commercial Grade Chain Link Fence

Green chain link fencing comes in multiple grades. The grade of the fence refers its overall strength. The wire thickness, mesh size and diameter of the pipe material used for the framework all have an influence on the grade of the fence.

Green Residential Chain Link Fence

Most green chain link fence is installed in the backyards of homeowners. Residential grade is strong enough to contain children and most pets. It is also commonly used to safely enclose swimming pools.

A 2″ mesh size is the most common size. Post sizes range from 1-5/8″ – 2″ diameter for line posts and 2″ – 2.5″ diameter for terminal posts. The horizontal rail at the top of a chain link fence, known as top rail, is normally 1-3/8″ in diameter.

Commercial Grade Green Chain Link fence

commercial grade green fence

Commercial applications require a stronger fence. In order to make a chain link fence stronger, the materials get thicker. The gauge or thickness of the wire mesh is increased to provide extra strength and security.

Not only is the size of the framework increased in size, but many times the internal wall thickness is also increased for added strength.

Gates for Green Chain Link Fencing

Gates for chain link fencing come in two primary configurations. Either single gates or double gates. Chain link gates are customizable in width. The layout of your fence will determine what type of gate you need and how mow many.

Single Gates

A single or pedestrian gate is made from one chain link fence panel called a leaf. Normal width range between 3 – 6 feet wide. They are perfect for creating an opening in a line of fence. As a result, allowing access.

man gate in fence
3′ man gate

Double Gates

Double gates combine the width of two leafs. This allows for larger access into a fence line. Often used for large mowers or vehicle access, the two leafs meet in the middle without the need of a center support post. Common widths are between 6 – 10 feet wide.

chain link double gate
Green Chain Link Double Gate


Green chain link fencing transforms a dull gray commercial looking fence into one that blends well. Fitting into most landscapes, the addition of the green color is worth the extra investment when purchasing a chain link mesh fence.

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