7 Steps Before Buying a Fence

Save time and frustration with this free 7 step guide!!! Learn tips and tactics for selecting approved fence styles for your home or place of business, how to get accurate measurements for estimating purposes, prevent layout changes during the fence installation process and even approaching your neighbors about your future fence project. The steps in this guide will save both you and your contractor time and frustration.

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This Guide Answers All of the Questions You Need to Know Before Getting quotes or Scheduling an Estimate for a Fence.

Learn What Types of Fencing You Are Allowed to Have

Not every type of fence is permitted on every property, yard or business. Learn the first two places to check for fencing rules and regulations before deciding on what type of fence you'd like to get estimates for. Make sure the style you want will get approved first.

Learn Ways to Get Accurate Measurements for Quotes

Unless you've recently had your property surveyed, knowing where to measure for a fence can be confusing. It's not your contractors responsibility to know where your property starts and ends. Lean tips on how to figure out how much property you have for accurate quoting purposes. 

Learn Tips and Tactics for Dealing with Neighbors

Depending on your relationship with your neighbors, informing them about a future fence installation can be uncomfortable and awkward. Learn tips on when and how to present the news and even tips on splitting the cost of the fence with your neighbor. 

Know Beforehand of Possible Layout  Changing Causes 

Many times you choose a contractor, sign a contract and schedule an installation date. Only to find out a few days before installation that your fence layout needs to change. I'll teach you one tip you can do to prevent layout changes to your fence before you even get your first estimate. 

Why I created the Guide


I'm Jeff

I developed this guide as a result of my 26 year career in the fence industry. I've personally been on thousands of fence estimates. I know the questions you should ask, and the questions you're going to ask. Many times, customers schedule estimates prematurely. It's unintentional. They don't realize they aren't prepared. It's OK! My guide will prepare you. From choosing a style of fence, to making sure you're allowed to have it. From finding your property lines, approaching your neighbors and preventing unwanted layout changes. This guide covers it all. The best part............I'm giving it away for free!!!

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