About Me...

I started my fence career shortly after high school. A random encounter in a gym led to a job offer that I accepted. My decision to take the new position was solely base on the distance it was from where I was living at the time.

I already had a job, but this one was closer. So, on a whim, I accepted the offer. I was making $6.00 per hour at my old job, and my new employer, R&T Fence Company matched what I was making.

I knew nothing about fence then. Little did I know that fencing would turn into my lifetime career.

My Early Fence Years

I’m 48 years old now. I’ve been working at the same place for over 28 years and am now the owner. I’ve learned a lot in that time.

Having started at the bottom, I’ve worked my way to the top. I’ve held every position in the company. I started off as just a helper. Knowing nothing of the business.

I worked in the shop, cutting fence boards and making gates. I then started to go out into the field, working on small projects and doing fence repairs.

Having a strong work ethic and good grasp of construction, I quickly became part of a crew where I was taught how to install fence. It didn’t take long before I was running my own crew.

I liked installing fence. I liked going into a backyard where there was nothing, building something by hand, and then having someone want to pay you for the end result.

It is hard work, but it is very fulfilling to me.

After 6 years of installing fence, I was promoted to sales. I had a good personality and knew the the ins and outs of fence installation.

My first year in sales I sold more fence than any other salesman had for the company. I wasn’t your typical salesman. I was honest and had first hand knowledge of what I was selling.

Never did I tell the customer something that wasn’t true and I never promised them anything that I couldn’t deliver on. My approach to sales was well received by the customers and the owners of the fence company.

They had the same values and ethics as I did when it came to working with the customer.

How a lesson learned from one fence sale provided me with a lifetime of dividends

I excelled at selling fence. My honest no nonsense approach gave customers the confidence choose me for their jobs.

Even though I wasn’t always the least expensive option. They always told me that they just felt more comfortable going with me.

That I explained the product or process better than the other guy. Or that they simply trusted me more than the the other guy.

As a result, sales increased. Year after year we set records for total sales.

One day I went on a sales call to a private residence in a very wealthy neighborhood. The yards were big. More than a couple of acres. I knew there would be a lot of fence.

Working on commission, I was excited to see what the total dollar amount for this job was going to be. I knew it would be a lot. Therefore, a big commission check for me.

I met with the customer, Bruce. Bruce and I walked the property and he showed me where he would like the fence.

He was on a corner lot and people would see the fence from the road on two sides of his house. The back of his property dropped off over a hill and into the woods.

Bruce was a dog lover and was fencing in his property for his two dogs. While we were measuring the property, all I could see was dollar signs.

Once the measurements where taken, we discussed what style of fence Bruce wanted and he said he would like white vinyl picket fence.

Honesty Always Pays

Vinyl fence is expensive. But that’s what Bruce wanted. He picked a style and I proceeded to sit in my truck and figure out the estimate.

It was at this point where I thought to myself, it didn’t make sense to use vinyl fence for the entire yard. Half of it would be installed in the woods over a hill.

You couldn’t see the fence from the house or streets, so why not go with a less expensive option like and all vinyl coated chain link fence.

I figured the quote just like Bruce asked for. I then gave him an option to switch the style of fence in the woods to save him money.

The savings were substantial. Almost $7,000 less. After proposing the lesser option and why I thought it made sense, Bruce signed right on the spot.

He stated that I was the only salesman that had even suggested switching styles in order to save him money. He was very much appreciative and gave me the job.

It Kept Paying Years Later

I worked on straight commission. It would have benefitted me more to sell Bruce the higher priced fence. But it wasn’t the right thing to do and I couldn’t stand to see him spend the extra money on something he did not need.

It came full circle years later.

Bruce and his wife were so passionate about dogs that almost 10 years later, they decided to open up a dog daycare facility. And who do you think he called to do the fence?

It was a no brainer for Bruce. He had me come out and measure, provide a quote, and he signed on the spot for all of the fence. Our previous relationship combined with the fact that I provided him with a way to save money resulted in him choosing me again.

This time without getting any other proposals.

Integrity is Rewarding and Feels Good

I’ve continued with my career holding honesty and integrity as two of my key pillars to success. It feels good. I never have to worry about what I’ve told a customer and I feel in my heart that I have always gone the extra mile to treat them right.

As a result, the little fence company I started working for over 28 years ago has grown 10 times in gross revenue since I first started working there.

I am now the owner. I’ve worked very hard for what I have accomplished. 

What Can Fence Resource Do For You?

I started Fence Resource to provide the prospective fence buyer a place for accurate, honest and reliable information about fence.

We are here to help you through the fence buying process. The articles and guides found on this site are here to educate and inform you.

As a result, when it comes time to purchase a fence, you will have a good idea what to expect.

So many consumers make large home improvement purchases and rely solely on the contractors advice and recommendations. A reliable and reputable contractor will make the process easy for you, guiding you every step of the way.

A shady contractor will guide you too, only in a direction that is more beneficial or profitable for themselves.

So dive in. Read up. Get educated. Post comments. Ask questions. I am here to help you through the process!

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