flat top aluminum fence

Almost every swimming pool needs a fence. Aluminum pool fence is not only safe and secure, it is also good looking. Style and height options, combined with color choices allow aluminum pool fence to be customize to fit every need and situation. Making it a very popular choice for pool fencing. Once installed, there is

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Aluminum Pool Fence
dog behind aluminum fence

Many homeowners choose aluminum dog fence over other styles of fence when it comes to containing their dogs. And with good reason. Aluminum dog fence is attractive, functional, meets the requirements of most homeowners associations and most importantly, it’s safe! All reasons for its wide spread popularity. Because of the many style options and color

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Aluminum Dog Fence Options
shadow box aluminum fence

Aluminum privacy fence is rapidly growing in popularity. The advantages aluminum materials offers over wood fence is a primary factor. Lifetime warranties, no maintenance and powder coated color options are all appealing to consumers. However, that all comes with a cost. As a result, preventing it from taking over the wood privacy fence market. Furthermore,

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Aluminum Privacy Fence Designs
black aluminum fence

The most popular question from customers when deciding to get quotes on aluminum fence is……How much does aluminum fence cost? Aluminum fence is classy, requires no maintenance and has a lifetime warranty. It’s no wonder why it is such a popular choice of homeowners across the world. There are many factors that will effect the

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The Aluminum Fence Cost Guide
aluminum fence sections and posts

Aluminum fence installation isn’t hard to do on your own. Digging the holes will be the hardest part. However, the rest of the fence assembles easily and requires limited tools. Tackling your aluminum fence installation yourself will save you thousands of dollars. It will also give you a sense if accomplishment and something to be

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Aluminum Fence Installation