vinyl gate

Throughout my years of sales experience in the fencing industry, one questions remained constant when I was quoting jobs. “How many gates should a fence have?” To be honest……..this is a question that is really job specific. Let me explain. Say for for instance, you run fence down one side of your property line. This

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Fence Gates – Is 1 Enough?
copy of a fence quote estimate sheet

Scheduling a fence quote is the first step in purchasing a fence. That is, after you decided you actually need a fence and the type of fence you want. Today people are busier than ever. Scheduling a fence quote that fits into your busy schedule could be a daunting task. However, it is a must

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Fence Quote – The Rule of 3
fence inspections form for post hole depth

There are many types of fence inspections. The most popular types are post hole depth, fence placement, pool fence inspections, finial inspections and sometimes HOA inspections. While fence inspections may seem like an uanessacry step in the fence installation process, they are actually a good thing for the consumer. Ensuring contractors meet certain building standards.

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Fence Inspections – Make Sure You Pass