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Researching fence types and styles is important when purchasing a fence. Our blog posts and guides teach you all about fence and fence installation. Become an educated consumer and save valuable time, frustration and money!

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Let me Teach You!!!

I've been a fence professional for over 27 years specializing in fence sales and installation. I've taken everything I've learned throughout my career and wrote it down for you! The articles, guides and blog posts found here on the Fence Resource site will teach you everything you need to know about fence.

Hi, I'm Jeff

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I've been in the fencing industry for my entire adult life. That's over 27 years! I know everything there is to know about fence sales and installation. I want to help you through the fence buying process. I can teach you everything you need to know about fence. Making you an educated consumer. As a result, saving you both valuable time and money when it comes time to purchase your new fence.

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This guide makes the fence buying process easier.

Preparation is key. My guide covers 7 steps you should do before scheduling appointments for a fence quote. Saving you time and money!

Choose a Fence Type

I've arranged the types of fences into categories that are easy to navigate. Choose from the most popular types. Learn about aluminum fence, chain link fence, split rail fence, vinyl fence, wire fence, wood fence, wrought iron fence, and other miscellaneous styles of fence.

Fence School

The Fence School section of the site has articles and posts related to pre-planning for fence installation and fence layout. I cover topics such as getting fence quotes, underground utilities, building fence on easements, how many gates your fence should have and much more.

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The Fence Resource Story

  The Goal of the Fence Resource website is to provide the knowledge and tools required in order for you to become an educated consumer for when the time comes for you to purchase a new fence.

Having over 27 years experience in the fence industry, I have seen it all. I know everything there is to know about purchasing and installing fence. 

 It doesn't matter if you're looking to install a fence on your own or have one professionally installed. I can help you through the process. At the same time saving you time, frustration and money!

Buying a fence can be overwhelming. There are style, type, height and color options to choose from. Locating property lines, getting home owners association approvals, filing for fence permits and having underground utilities marked are all part of the process too.

All of this is required before digging a single hole! Don't worry.......I can help.

Buyer Beware

  Finding the best fencing contractor in your area will make the process easier. However, before even contacting a fence contractor, you'll need to have a good idea of the style of fence you would like and know if it is permitted in your area.

Doing so will save you time and frustration.

Through my years of sales experience, I've learned that customers rely too much on their contractor for guidance when choosing the type of fence that is best for them. 

Two potential problems occur in this scenario when it comes time to ultimately purchase the fence.  

The first one I'm even guilty of. But it's not on purpose.

As a contractor, sometimes we unknowingly gloss over important details regarding the fence buying and installation process. 

We unconsciously assume that the customer knows everything we know. As a result, important information can be left out. 

I've done it myself. 

Not on purpose, but it happens. It's only when the customer asks me a question and I think "how do they not know that?" that I realize I took for granted the understanding they have of the fence buying and installation process. 

While this is a concern, the second problem is much more concerning.

The second problem is when an untrustworthy contractor (and there are plenty of them) steers the customer in a direction or sells them a higher priced option they will not benefit from or simply don't need. 

All for the sake of a higher commission or profit margin. 

This happens all too often. Especially in communities where the income levels are higher. 

This is what I'm here to prevent.

Knowledge is Power!

  Through the Fence Resource website, the articles and guides I've written will help you learn everything there is to know about fencing. 

As a result, you will become an educated consumer. Knowing the types of fences, when and why to choose them and how they are constructed will better prepare you for the fence buying experience. 

Before you even think about scheduling an estimate, arm yourself with the information first. 

Doing so will save valuable time and more importantly, save you money!

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