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Chain link fences with barbed wire are the most common type of security fence. They are strong and require no maintenance. The open design of chain link fence eliminates blind spots and dead zones within the perimeter of the fence. Important for visual security checks. The addition of barbed wire adds another layer of security. Sharp to the touch and even more intimidating to the eye, barbed wire prevents would be intruders from climbing over a galvanized chain link fence.

3 strands of barbed wire
3 Strands of Barbed Wire

Common Barbed Wire Configurations

In order to attach barbed wire to chain link fencing a special cap with an extended arm is required. A chain link barbed wire arm installs on top of the line posts in order to support the strands of wire. The posts at the end of each fence line, called terminal posts also have to be modified in order to attach barbed wire.

Security Fencing with 3 Strands of Barbed Wire

10' chain link with barbed wire
10′ Tall Chain Link Fence

A single barb arm will hold 3 strands of the galvanized wire. Usually at a 45 degree angle, the barbed wire fence is normally pointed outward in order to make climbing of the chain link fence difficult. However, sometimes chain link fence with barbed wire will have the arms reversed and point inward. There are even 3 strand barbed wire arms that point straight up in a vertical orientation. Increasing the overall height of the fence.

Security Fencing with 6 Strands of Barbed Wire

A 6 strand barbed wire arm is a V shaped extension arm that holds 3 strands of galvanized steel wire facing both inward and outward. Adding even more security to a chain link fence with barbed wire. 6 strand barbed wire fences are found where high security fencing is required. Sometimes, coils of razor wire or concertina wire are installed in the center of the V shaped extension arm. Razor wire makes climbing a chain link fence almost impossible without causing serious injury.

Attaching Barbed Wire to Chain Link Fence Terminal Posts

3 triad barb arm
3 strand barb arm

Each row of barbed wire is a galvanized strand wire that gets stretched between the terminal posts. Terminal posts for chain link fence with barbed wire are found where each line of fence starts and stops. They can be an end post, corner post or gate post. On long lines of chain link fencing there are extra terminal posts added to the fence line called pull posts. A pull post divides long runs of chain link fence into shorter stretches. As a result, making installation easier.

In order for barbed wire to attach to terminal posts, the fence posts have to be extended and special chain link parts (called fittings) are required. There are two methods of extending terminal posts for chain link fence with barbed wire. The first is to simply install longer posts. Providing enough room to attach the galvanized steel clamps used to hold each strand of barbed wire. The Second method is to install a special cap with an extended arm much like the cap used for line a post. Installation of a corner extension arm or end post or pull post extension arm make it even hard to climb a galvanized chain link fence when compared to extending terminal posts.

terminal post fittings
Terminal Post with Barbed Wire

Chain Link Fence with Barbed Wire Security Fences are Built to Last

It does no good to have a security fence if it doesn’t last. Once installed, chain link fence with barbed wire should provide years of trouble free service. As a result most high security and prison security fences use galvanized chain link fence materials. The coating prevents the galvanized wire, pipe and rail from corroding or rusting. Therefore, galvanized chain link fence materials provides years of service.

chain link fence with barbed wire
Chain Link with Barbed Wire

However, sometimes the silver look that galvanized fence is known for is not desired. In situations where a color is preferred, a pvc coating is applied over the galvanized materials. Pvc coated wire and framework add color to chain link fence. With added colors also comes added costs to the fence. Black chain link fence and green chain link fence are the two most common colors.


Chain link fence with barbed wire makes perfect security fences. They are designed to last for decades. They are strong and require no maintenance. And maybe best of all, they are one of the most affordable types of fences when compared to security fence of other materials.

Applications are endless. From large scale security projects such as prisons and factories to smaller fenced in enclosures for storage or safety, chain link fence with barbed wire is a versatile option.

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