Chain Link Fence Heights – How Tall?

Chain link fence heights come in a variety of sizes. The intended purpose of your chain link fence will help to determine how tall the fence height should be. In some situations, a shorter fence height will work just fine. In other scenarios, the taller the better. The location of the fence installation can have a determining factor of fence height.

Zoning ordinances and homeowners associations not only limit the type of fences you can have, but also their heights. It is always best to check local with building departments or other governing departments before having any height of fence installed.

chain link fence heights
30′ Tall Chain Link Backstop

What Is The Standard Height Of A Chain Link Fence

Customers always ask me what the standard size of chain link fence is. The short answer is, there is no such thing as a standard fence size. What may work for you may not work for your neighbor.

As mentioned before, the purpose the fence serves will help to determine what height it should be.

Chain link fence heights for fencing in a front yard of a home will be shorter in height. Normally 3′ to 4′ tall in height. Chain link fences used for baseball field backstops will be much taller. Sometimes exceeding 20′ in height.

In order to better explain the differences of chain link fence heights, I will separate them into two categories. Residential and commercial fence.

Chain Link Fence Heights for Residential Fence

Chain Link Fence that is Black in Color
4′ Tall Black Chain Link

Most residential chain link fences fall into one of two specific uses. The first is to contain children or pets. Chain link fences used for backyard fences are perfect for keeping both children and pets safe. Not only do they prevent pets or children from leaving the yard, they also prevent other animals or people from entering.

Normally installed on the property lines, chain link fencing provides a visible barrier defining lines while adding some added security to the yard. Taller chain link fence heights add more security and also prevent agile dogs from jumping over them. However, some HOA’s will set limits as to the maximum height of chain link fences.

The second reason to install a chain link fence is to enclose a swimming pool. Most pools are required to have a fence around them. Chain link fences accomplish the task well while remaining affordable compared to other types of fences.

It is important to check your local codes into the fence height for swimming pools. Most fences for pools have a minimum height of 4′ tall. However, I have seen some cities require a fence height of 6′ tall around pools.

Chain Link Fence Heights Average – 4 Feet

The most common chain link fence height for backyard fences is 4′ tall. At this height, the fence does a good job containing children. It is also a good height to safely contain most dogs. Even larger dogs tend to try and dig under chain link fences before jumping the fence.

Furthermore, most homeowners associations limit backyard fence height to 48″ tall. Therefore, you may not have option to install a taller fence.

Unlike a wood fence used for privacy, chain link fence provides maximum visibility. So you can see right through it. So unless security is your main concern, it makes no sense to pay for the extra cost of the fence height.

These are all reasons that 4′ tall chain link fence is the most popular choice of homeowners.

Chain Link Fence Heights for Commercial Heights for Fence

10' chain link with barbed wire
10′ Tall Commercial Chain Link Fence

Commercial chain link fences are installed for many reasons. Parks, sporting complexes, public pools, factories and business all use chain link fence. Safety and protection are common uses. Taller chain link fence heights enhance security and make a profound statement to keep out.

Commercial chain link fence comes in almost any height you can think of. The wire mesh size, known as fabric, increases by 1 foot increments in height starting a 3′ tall and extending up to 20′ tall.

Taller heights for chain link fences are accomplished by stacking wire mesh fabric on top of one another. However, the added weight of taller commercial grade chain link fences require much stronger fence posts and rails.

Increasing the Strength of the Framework

In order to support the added weight of tall chain link fence, the size of the fence materials that makeup the framework must be increased. The framework is made up of two components. The posts and the rails.

A top rail is almost always included on a chain link fence installation. However, when extra strength and support are required, adding a middle rail or bottom rail is an option.

Fence Posts

All fences rely on the posts for strength and support. Taller chain link fence heights require posts that are stronger than those for residential fence height. There are two ways fence manufactured increase the strength of the posts.

The first is to increase the overall diameter of the post. This makes the fence post stiffer. The second way is to increase the wall thickness or gauge number of the fence post. This makes the post stronger. The combination of the two provide better support for commercial grade fences at taller heights.

Adding strength to the fence line is also an important consideration when increasing the height of commercial fencing. Most fence specifications specify concrete for each hole with post spacing set a 10′ on center.

To increase the strength of the fence line, reduce post spacing to 8′ on center. This adds more post per line. As a result increasing to overall strength. Depending on the fence height, digging a deeper hole in the ground may also be beneficial.

Chain Link Top, Middle and Bottom Rails

Top rail is the horizontal rail found at the top of a chain link fence. It is used to help support the wire mesh. Fence ties attach the fabric to the rail.

On taller chain link fence heights, sometimes a middle rail is added for extra strength. Middle rail helps prevent fence from flexing.

Bottom rail ads strength and rigidity to the bottom of fence. Preventing the fence from being pulled up from the ground. Therefore adding more security.

Final Thoughts on Chain Link Fence Heights

As you can see, there is no standard fence height for chain link fence. There is also almost no limit as to how tall the fence height can be with the proper framework.

Knowing the intended use for the fence will help you choose the correct height for your application. Talking to a fence installation professional will also help to guide you into the correct choice.

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