Easy Sliding Chain Link Gates and Rolling Gates

Sliding chain link gates and chain link rolling gates are the same. Both types of rolling gates use a wheel carrier to support the leading edge of the gate frame.

The backend of the gate system is supported by two horizontal tracks. Therefore, the gate does not require a counter balance like cantilever gates.

Furthermore, because the gate is supported by wheels, there is no need to upgrade to stronger gate posts.

Just a couple of inline track posts are all that is needed to guide and support the gate system.

A latch post secures the gate on the opposite side. A rolling gate latch called a rolo latch allows the gate and latch post to lock using a padlock.

Chain Link sliding gate
Rolling Slide Gate on Chain Link Fence

Advantages to Sliding Chain Link Gates and Rolling Gates

There are a few advantages to having one of these gates installed at your home or business.

We already mentioned a cost savings these gates provide by not requiring heavy duty posts.

However, they also cover larger openings better. Not to mention sliding chain link gates are easy to operate.

sliding chain link gates
Chain Link Rolling Gate

Wider Gate Openings

Because a rolling gate is supported by a double wheel carrier, the weight of the gate is not transferred to the posts.

As result, a chain link sliding gate of a larger opening is much easier to operate compared to tradition swing gates of a smaller opening.

A rolling gate opens and closes parallel to the fence line. Requiring no extra room for it to function.

Unlike chain link swing gates that require space either in from or behind them to swing open.

Unlike cantilever gates, sliding chain link gates don’t have counter balances.

This cuts down on the overall length of the gate. Allowing a rolling gate to fit into a much smaller area.

commercial Rolling Gate
Sliding Chain Link Gates are Perfect for Indoor Applications

A Chain Link Rolling Gate is Easy to Operate

Ease of use is another advantage to a rolling gate.

The gate frame is support in the front by a wheel and in the rear by tracks attached to the chain link fence.

This means the pipe frame pieces do not have to be as strong as they would for cantilever gates.

Making it much lighter.

Therefore, it is easier to open back and forth.

A perfect choice for both residential and or commercial chain link fence.

Rolling Gate Specifications
Rolling Gate Drawing

Does a Sliding Chain Link Gate Need to Roll on Concrete or Asphalt?

No. Most of the support wheels roll over loose gravel or dirt. However, a flat surface is better.

Concrete and asphalt driveways make it easier to open and close a rolling gate. But not required.

What About Snow?

In Northern climates, snow can affect the opening and closing of gates.

Heavy snow or ice buildup make it hard to move gates.

It is recommended to shovel or plow snow away from the opening before operating. This prevents putting extra stress on all the parts.

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