Temporary Pool Fencing – A Safe Solution

temporary pool fencing
Green Temporary Pool Fencing

Temporary pool fencing provides a safety barrier surrounding your in ground swimming pool. Preventing small children from having access to the pool when not supervised. As a result, drastically reducing the potential for an accident to occur.

Perimeter yard fences still allow children and pets access to pool water. However, temporary pool fencing safely isolates the pool from the rest of the yard.

Only when the fence is down is access to the pool available. How often that is, is your choice.

You may choose to take it down every time the pool is used.

Or the fence could remain up for years, until children are older and have learned to swim.

Sometimes, the fence is rarely in use. Only installed when entertaining. Preventing children of family and friends from entering the pool area.

Whatever the reason, it is a safe and easy solution for preventing accidents from happening.

Temporary Pool Fencing Materials

Temporary pool fencing is pretty simple. Mesh fencing is supported by aluminum fence posts. The posts fit into sleeves installed by drilling holes into the concrete decking surrounding the pool.

Optional gates are available. As a result, providing easier access to the pool without the need to remove a section of the fence.

Pool Mesh

The mesh used for temporary pool fencing is very strong. Resistant to ultra violet rays and weathering. Most manufacturers offer options relating to the size of the holes in the mesh.

The larger the holes, the more transparent the mesh will be. However, mesh with larger holes is more prone to rips and snags. Especially caused by pets.

Smaller mesh sizes are better for pet owners. Although, the smaller hole size does block more light and air from passing through compared to mesh with larger holes.

The number of holes per square inch determines the size of the mesh. More holes per inch results in smaller mesh size.

For a totally transparent pool fence, learn about: Glass Pool Fencing

The Posts

close up temporary pool fence
Temp Pool Fence Post

The posts for temporary pool fencing are pretty much the same between manufacturers. Each one made from aluminum tubing. Usually about 1″ in diameter.

At the bottom of the post is a stainless steel pin. These pins fit inside of the sleeves drilled into the pool decking. The steel pin give the posts the strength they need to support the weight of the fence.

A hook and eye system tie the end posts of each section together. Posts are easy to install and remove. As a result, many people remove one section of fence to gain access to the their pools. Therefore, eliminating the need for a gate.

Temporary Pool Fencing Gates

Gates are available for those who do not want to constantly remove and install sections of fence to gain access to the pool. They allow for easy pedestrian access.

Most manufactures offer self closing, self latching gates. Therefore, reducing the chance of leaving the gate open accidentally. Furthermore, it is code in most cities.

Temporary Pool Fencing Options

Besides the size of the mesh and whether or not to purchase a gate, temporary pool fencing does have a couple more options. The height of the fence is one option. And much like chain link pool fencing, the color of the mesh and posts is another.

Height Options

Temporary pool fencing comes in many heights. Whether or not you have a permanent perimeter fence and what you are trying to prevent from having access to your pool will determine what height to purchase.

Depending on the manufacturer, standard heights range from 3.5′ tall to 5′ tall, with options between every in 6″ increments. The most common height is 4′ tall. However, shorter heights work well for keeping small pets away from the waters edge.

Taller heights are better for children who have not yet learned to swim proficiently.

Color Options

When you think of temporary pool fencing you probably think of black. However, it comes in other colors. Most manufactures will offer some color choices.

Black, white and green are the most popular. Brown and tan are also available. Color is a personal preference. Choose the one that fits the best, blending with the surroundings and landscaping of your yard.

Installing Temporary Pool Fencing

Installing temporary pool fencing is easy to do. For those homeowners looking to tackle a relatively easy project, an afternoon is all it takes. However, if you’re not up to the task, there are plenty of professional outfits ready to help.

The fencing is sold in kits. Each kit contains the mesh fencing, posts and inserts. Also included is a guide or template to aid in drilling the holes for the sleeves in the exact location.

Depending on the manufacturer, each kit will provide approximately 10 – 15 feet of coverage. As a result, most installations require multiple kits.

Post sleeves fit into holes drilled into the concrete with a hammer drill. Templates ensure that the spacing of the holes are correct. Once drilled, sleeves are inserted into the holes.

You are now ready to install your temporary pool fencing. The pins at the bottom of each post insert into the sleeves. The end posts of each section are ties together using a hook and eye latch located at the top of the posts.

And that’s it! It’s really that easy. Gates will install in a similar manor. Make sire to follow the manufactures instructions.

Why Choose Temporary Pool Fencing?

The most important reason is to keep your children safe. However, there are other reasons too. One reason is price. It is more affordable than most other types of permanent pool fences.

Another reason is because it is temporary. Once children get to the point where they can swim sufficiently, it removes easily.

Another, is that you can take it with you if you move. However, it is a nice selling point to a new homeowner.

Last, is flexibility. Having the ability to have a fenced in pool, or have a wide open pool area is something no other fence system provides. A feature only found with temporary pool fence.


An extra layer of protection is never a bad thing. Having peace of mind isn’t either. Temporary pool fencing offer both. A worthwhile investment for any pool owner.

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