7 Best Split Rail Fence Gate Designs

Chances are if you fenced in your yard with split rail fence, you’re are going to also have a split rail fence gate.

There are two reasons to have a gate. The first is to allow pedestrian foot traffic in and out of the fence. The second is to allow access to larger equipment, such as lawn mowers and tractors.

The gate is the part of the fence that takes the most abuse. It gets the most use. As a result, you’ll want to choose a good one. One that accomplishes the task it is asked to do. At the same time easy to operate and functional.

Split rail fences are designed to hold in and contain large farm animals or for defining property lines and boundaries. However, overtime, they have become more popular in residential applications.

Adding wire mesh to split rail fence gives it the ability to contain smaller farm animals and pets. But, as split rail fence have become more widely used in residential settings, the split rail fence gate has not evolved.

As result, leaving homeowners to look at other options when choosing a gate design for their split rail fence gate.

In this article, we take a look at the 7 best choices for a split rail fence gate. We’ll also look at the pros and cons to each style.

The split rail fence gate you choose will be based on functionality , ease of use, and your personal choice in style.

This article will get you pointed in the right direction. Let’s take a look at the 7 best designs for a split rail fence gate.

1. Split Rail Fence Gates

gate in split rail fence
Traditional Split Rail Man Gate

Split rail gates are made from the same materials your split rail fence is made from. The two materials used the most are treated pine split rail and cedar split rail.

Split rail gates are made by the fence manufacturer. They are pre made to specific sizes. Normally in one foot multiples in widths of 3′, 4′ and 5′ wide.

Because they match the fence perfectly, people choose split rail gates. However, they are heavy. As result, the sag overtime.

Custom gate widths will require modifying standard gate widths. Attaching wire mesh to split rail gates is challenging. The result looks like an afterthought and not very attractive.

2. Wood Picket Gates

Split Rail Picket Gate
Arched Picket Style Gate

Wood picket gates are easy to make. Therefore, many homeowners build them on their own. As result, custom gate widths are easily accommodated.

Wood picket gates allow for easy customizing. Scalloped and arched designs are common when used for a split rail fence gate.

An advantage to a wood picket gate is there is no need to use a wire mesh backing to keep pets contained. Picket spacings are close enough to prevent most animals from squeezing through.

The biggest drawback when choosing a picket gate is that it won’t match the rest of the split rail fence. Although many homeowners like the change in look, setting the gate apart from the rest of the fence.

Furthermore, they are not good for large gate openings. Picket gates over the length of 5′ tend to sag after time. Becoming cumbersome and difficult to operate.

3. Farm Style Welded Pipe Gates

pipe style tube gate
Welded Pipe Style Tube Gate

Farm style pipe gates have been around for years. The simple design is strong yet light in weight. The are easy to operate and cover large openings well.

Standard gate widths are 4′, 6′, 8′, 10′ and 12′ wide. Larger widths are available. However, they also have large spaces between the pipes. As a result, not good for containing small animals or pets.

Adding wire mesh is an option, although not an attractive one. Farm gates come painted from the factory. Red, green or blue are standard colors. These colors do not fit in well with residential surroundings. Therefore, farm gates are not a popular choice for homeowners.

Farmers and ranchers however, love their ease of use, strength and durability.

split rial fence with chain link gate
Black Vinyl Chain Link Gate

Chain link gates have metal frames welded together at the corners. Making them strong like farm gates. However, they are designed to easily attach wire mesh to.

Vinyl coated options come in green, black and brown. Making them a little more appealing to the eye than the silver galvanized chain link gates.

Chain link gates do a good job at keeping animals contained. They are also light weight and easy to operate. Custom gate openings are not a problem when purchasing from a professional fence company.

However, chain link gates are still metal. Consumers wanting the rustic look of split rail fence may not like the look of chain link gates.

5. Wooden Corral Style Gates

split rail fence with corral style gates
Wood Corral Style Split Rail Gates

Wooden corral style gates use dimensional lumber when built. 1x6s and 2x6s are popular lumber sizes for a split rail fence gate. Dimensional lumber is easy to work with. Allowing homeowners and do-it-yourselfers the opportunity to build their own gates.

As a result, custom gate openings are easy to accommodate. Spacing of the horizontal rails should be the same as the split rail spacing.

Corral style gates are not as heavy as split rails gates. However, still not recommended for large openings. Attaching wire mesh is an option using fence staples.

6. Ornamental Aluminum Gates for a Split Rail Fence Gate

split rail fence with aluminum gate
Aluminum Gate In Split Rail Fence

Ornamental aluminum gates come in many heights, widths, and colors. Also available in many colors powder coated from the factory.

Gate adornments such as scrolls, rings and finials are extra options. Although when set between rustic split rail fence may look out of place.

Scalloped and arched tops are popular when using ornamental gates for a split rail fence gate. They are lightweight and easy to operate.

The vertical pickets do well for containing pets. However, ornamental gates are the most expensive of all the gate options.

7. Welded Wire Panel and Wood Gates

cattle panel gate with wood frame
Welded Wire Panel and Wood Framed Gate

The combination of a wood frame with a welded wire panels results in a unique looking gate. The welded wire panels allow for cutting to custom widths.

Wood framing is easy to build for many homeowners. Allowing do-it-yourselfers the ability to save money guided gates themselves.

However, most welded wire fence panels are cattle panels. As result, having larger spaces than desired for smaller pet owners. For small pets, choose a panel with smaller openings.

Welded wire fence from a roll is an alternative to a welded panel. Although the heavier gauge wire used in panels provide the rigidity needed to support gates better.

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